The STS-CH Board

Diagram of board roles, many of them interlinked


The co-presidents represent the STS-CH association and make sure that the association is present in national STS-related discussions and in international STS networks. To this end, they form the centre of our association by fostering discussion between different board members. They propose the budget, help members of the association to raise funds for STS-CH projects and stay in close contact with Schweizerische Akademie der Geistes- und Sozialwissenschaften (SAGW / ASSH).

Alexandra Hofmänner and Loïc Riom are the co-presidents of the association


The treasurer takes care of all financial matters of the association. This includes the accountability of STS-CH as well as the reimbursement of all expenses of board members.

Responsible board member: Charlotte Nachtsheim


The secretary organises and documents all the internal events and supports communication within the board. Storage of information as well as the preparation of the needed infrastructures for the internal coordination are also within the tasks of the secretary.

Main responsible board member: Aline Stehrenberger
Supporting member: Nicolas Baya-Laffite

Membership Management

The team responsible for membership management maintains a tool for the purpose. The team ensures that the association has an updated list of members and facilitates the collection of membership fees.

Responsible board member: Alain Müller


The webmaster maintains the website and keeps it up to date. They are also involved with the Communication team as to the management of mailing lists and the production of online contents.

Responsible board member: Anna Jobin


The communication team promotes internal and external communication. Its tools include the association’s website and the mailing lists, which are managed in close collaboration with the webmaster. The communication team also shares and produces the content for other communication tool

Responsible board members: Florian Jaton & Luca Chiapperino
Supporting member: Anna Jobin & Tanja Schneider

Teaching and Mentoring

The aim of the teaching and mentoring team is to make STS teaching activities in Switzerland visible and to promote the sharing of members’ experiences and resources. This includes the posting of PhD positions and the availability of job openings. In addition, the team promotes mentorships of early career scholars within a traditional mentorship program, but also during a summer school, PhD programs and workshops.

Main responsible member: Nicolas Baya-Laffite
Supporting member: Alexandra Hofmänner, Giada Danesi & Julio Paulos


Every two years the association organises a STS-CH conference in Switzerland. The conference team changes depending on the university hosting the conference.

Event Facilitator

The event facilitator makes existing STS events visible and supports the conference team as well as the secretary by organising internal on-site events.

Main responsible member: Julio Paulos
Supporting member: Giada Danesi


The policy team attends to science policy issues that are relevant to the association and its members. These activities include updates on science policy developments that impact the STS community, fostering STS participation in science policy matters, and entertaining a network of partners in the policy domain.

Main responsible member: Alexandra Hofmänner
Supporting member: Nicolas Baya-Laffite


The team responsible for research is promoting STS research in Switzerland. Among other things, the team establishes a new STS award for junior scholars, shares existing research calls shared among the association’s members, and facilitates the organization of panels at STS conferences.

Main responsible member: Giada Danesi
Supporting member: Nicolas Baya-Laffite & Julio Paulos