About STS-CH

STS-CH is the Swiss Association for the Studies of Science, Technology and Society (STS).

The primary purpose of STS-CH is to advance research, teaching and outreach in the academic field of Science & Technology Studies (STS).

The association aims to:

  • promote scholarly networks and exchange of information between members of the Swiss STS community;
  • strengthen the field of STS in Switzerland by organising meetings, conferences and events;
  • attract young researchers to the field of STS;
  • represent the interests of STS in the science, research and education policy contexts of Switzerland;
  • propose research programmes and comment on science policy issues relevant to the STS community;
  • interact with the international STS community and its professional associations;
  • be represented in social science discussions and collaborate in these fields.

STS-CH is comprised of its members and coordinated by its board. It also runs the Swiss STS mailing list.

Are you interested in joining the association? Please fill in the form on the membership page.

Statutes of the association

The statutes of STS-CH are available in German and French: